“Are you worried about the quality of your complexion, those increasing lines and dark areas of facial pigment that seem to increase no matter how faithful you are with sunscreen?  Tracy Abella is your best defense.  I have enjoyed Tracy’s expert judgment and  treatment of my aging face for many years now.  She deserves full credit for the fact that my 71 year old complexion looks like that of a 60 year old because, believe me, I have done nothing myself to protect any of my skin from the ravages of time and intense sun exposure during riding my horses through the back country for the past 30 years and enjoying full days of sun on my boat in San Diego Bay.  I do wish Tracy had been able to care for  the skin on my hands, arms, and legs because all of me would look younger!

Ladies, save your face and retard the aging process.  Make an appointment with Tracy now for her expertise in skin care and a great neck, upper shoulder, hand, and arm massage to boot! I’m fortunate enough to be able to see her once a month, and I hope you are as well. Remember the old adage, “put your best foot forward”?  In reality, it should be, “put your best face forward” because that’s what other people see first – and that’s what forms our initial impression of each other.

I remain a dedicated and faithful client of Manabella Facials.” – Jeanne


“I visited Tracy at Manabella because a good friend had recommended her. The salon is a lovely relaxing haven and  parking is ample.  The Anti-Aging Facial was so relaxing I fell asleep!  I found Tracy to be very professional and knowledgeable about the treatment and products that she used during my treatment.  Tracy made me feel very comfortable with my first chemical peel, she showed her expertise by how she examined my skin and treated my imperfections.  My skin glowed for days after, my makeup went on so well as my skin was very smooth!  I would recommend Tracy to someone who wants a facial with results, either it be relaxation or specific problem areas, in my case I received both!  

Great service, a professional aesthetician and a lovely salon.  I am now a regular client and my skin looks and feels better than ever.”  -Tina


“Tracy is amazing!  I have been going to her for years, and I love how professional and knowledgeable she is.  My skin is pretty sensitive, but she knows exactly how to take care of it and which procedures and products work the best for me.  She always makes me feel so relaxed, takes her time, and does a very thorough job.  I love how my skin feels afterwards – much softer and healthier! 

I would highly recommend treating yourself to a facial with Tracy – she is truly the best!”  -Andrea


“I have been a client of Tracy for over ten years and she is fabulous!  Tracy tailors every facial and waxing to your individual needs.  As my skin ages she adjusts accordingly.  She has a wide variety of products and services and a very gentle touch.  I highly recommend Tracy for all your skincare needs!”  -Sheila


“For more years than I personally care to admit, Tracy has been taking care of my skin.  She helped me combat my hyper pigmentation problem and we won!  As I get older she’s adjusted her treatments to keep me my skin youthful and radiant.  I proudly boast that I’m in my 50’s with skin of a much younger woman, with honest thanks to Tracy.  

Tracy, thanks for taking such good care of me all these years.”  – Ileana